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 Yoga Teacher Training

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to a deeper, more meaningful level or teach others about the wonderful benefits of classical yoga?

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7 Powers Life Success Agenda


You will enjoy innovative exercises and assignments in our daily, transformational workshops experiencing a unique opportunity to focus exclusively on yourself and your life’s success. You will come away with a wide array of practical skills and useful knowledge, which will profoundly affect the quality of your life. Say goodbye to the world of limitations and welcome to the world of possibilities. The 7 days are packed with ‘gems’ designed to take your life to the upper reaches of excellence:

  1. The Power of Presence 
  2. The Power of Observation
  3. The Power of Choice and Willpower
  4. The Power of Beliefs
  5. The Power of Purpose
  6. The Power of Action
  7. The Power of Context

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  1. The Power of Wisdom
  2. The Power to Synergize




The power of presence!

The Power of Presence is your most fundamental power to create a life of joy, success and peace of mind. Discover the joy of being fully present in the moment, explore the magic of observing your mind, and learn how to stay present in the middle of a hectic workday or a relationship crisis?
During the first day you will experience a process which will help you to apply the serenity of living in the now to even your most demanding, high-pressure challenges. With presence, everything changes, and you will start developing a new understanding of your mind, your being, your awareness, your perception and your presence.

The power of observation!

Discover your personal epistemology and learn how to observe your mind, your perceptions, thoughts, emotions. You will understand how your brain is generating your personal reality, your self-concept, how your conscious- and unconscious mind are working together, and what is your true potential as a human being.

This is the beginning of a new powerful approach to living that starts with resting in open, nonjudgmental awareness - continues with a clear understanding of how your mind operates - and leads to compassion, wisdom and clear actions for creating positive change in your life.


  • Epistemology, meta-position, meta-cognition
  • Brain-sciences and consciousness
  • Conscious mind, unconscious mind, being
  • Focus, meaning, action pattern


The power of choice & willpower

You are born to be a leader. The second day you will unleash the power to lead yourself. You can not only choose a new direction in your life. You can choose to be the best person you can be – because you have the power to choose your response to any situation. All your life achievements were results of two things – clear goals and focused effort.

During this day you will learn how to develop your power to choose direction and mange your daily behavior. Everyone is struggling with temptation, addiction, distraction, and procrastination. Learn the neuro-science behind willpower and take full control, 100% responsibility for your actions and results. This day you will learn how to develop the key life-transforming power: willpower and self-discipline.

You will assess your reactive patterns, your habits, and strengthen your four powers to choose your response. With a little discipline you can solve some problems, with a lot of discipline you can solve many problems - with perfect self-discipline you can create the life of your dreams.


  • Self-discipline, willpower
  • Proactive-reactive models of behavior
  • Locus of control
  • Social programing, roles and "acts"
  • Authenticity, being "real"


The power of beliefs!

Have you heard about the placebo effect? People who are told a drug will have a certain effect will many times experience that effect even when given a pill without those properties - simply because they believed!

Your beliefs about yourself, life, people, success, work, family are shaping your life in the most profound way. For example, do you believe that you can excel in whatever you do? Do you believe you are bad in mathematics? Do you believe that other people don't like you? Do you believe life is full of problems? What are your beliefs about people? Do you believe that you have to work hard to make a living? Do you believe that you will never live a life of abundance? No belief is right or wrong. It is either empowering or limiting. A belief is nothing but the generalization of a past incident. During your lifetime you have developed your personal belief system, your "philosophy of life" and it is your inner frame of reference guiding you through any given challenge. Your paradigms, your mental patterns determine how you experience any specific moment in your life and by assessing your belief-systems you will see that you never saw the world as it is, but as you are, as your belief systems are.

During the second day you will discover not only your hidden belief structures, but also their emotional background, how they developed, what their benefits are, but also their limitations. You will understand the structure of your attitudes, your value-system, the fundamental paradigms behind them and start examining and changing them to reach a more empowering, more positive, life-supporting, learning- and growth enabling life-perspective. You will start to believe – in your own power.



The power of purpose!

This is the power of why. If you want to live with energy, passion, focus and joy, you have to identify, acknowledge and honor your personal life purpose – the "why" behind everything you do. Ask yourself: what is giving meaning to your life, what are you passionate about - really and deeply! Why do some things matter so deeply to you? The answers are there, deep inside, but your daily mental noise is covering them, making you lose track of what is most important to you. Developing a clear understanding of your purpose helps you to set in motion a revolutionary method for personal change that is supported by both the latest science and traditional wisdom.

The fourth training day deals with developing strong passionate vision and personal success strategy! You will discover the power of your why, the deeper reasons why you are doing what you are doing, the passion which comes with a clear understanding of your deepest life-purpose. Based on that, you will create a blueprint for a fulfilling future by formulating short, medium and long term goals. Once we know where we want to go, it is necessary to develop a realistic and effective way to get there! In this part of the program we will together discuss concrete steps, methods and 'good practice' to understand how we can make definite progress toward our goals, and to develop a work and action plan.



The power of action!

Nothing brings results as fast as focused action. Here you will rethink your lifestyle management: your daily habits, routines and your time- and life management systems! In order to accomplish certain goals, we have to do certain things and live in a certain way.

During the fifth day you will get a clear understanding of your behavioral programing, our life patterns, our habits and lifestyle. You will identify self-sabotaging behavior, and design a balanced way of life which is in harmony with our strategy of action, and which supports our movement in the desired direction. Also you will explore your cognitive resources, your self-, work- and life management, i.e. the use of practical tools and guidelines to increase personal efficiency and productivity. You will elaborate a personal methodology for annual, monthly, weekly and daily planning, and everyone will create his/her own personal life management system.



The power of context!

When you think about what influences your life you immediately think about people. You are immersed in a context which is powerfully determining who you are, what you think and feel, what roles you play, and how you behave. There are powerful forces both around you and inside of you, which are shaping your life.

The sixth training day deals with creating a powerful force field internally and externally, which boost us in the direction of our dreams. In this part of the program we will look at people and relationships that affect our level of vitality, and what we can do to reshape the external field of positive force which will support our advancement in life. We will also learn to understand how our internal context, our inner states, expectations, beliefs and ways of thinking affect our capacity to create the life we want, and how we can create a new force for success from "within". Also, we will touch your power to influence people, to enroll everybody in your vision and goals and passions.


Retreat Outline

The retreat will take place over six full days. Each day begins at 7.15 am with powerful breathing techniques and meditation and ends approximately at 10.00 pm.

Your day at one of our inspirational retreats will have a routine similar to the one below, with occasional alterations depending on specific needs of the group.


6.45 - 7.15 Tea and fruit
7.15 - 7.45 Breathing techniques and meditation
7.45 - 8.00 Deep Relaxation
8.00 - 9.15 Yoga
9.15 - 9.30 break and snack
9.30– 12.00 Workshop – 150 min
12.45 - 15.00 Task/Free time
15.00 – 17.30 Workshop – 150 min
17.30 – 19.00 Yoga
19.00 – 19.30 Meditation
19.30 – 20.00 Dinner
20.30 – 22.00 Evening session – 90 min

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The power of wisdom!
My power to learn, understand, to see life clearly, to find lasting peace! Profound Inner Peace does not come from fixing yourself up. It arises from the extraordinary discovery that you are already whole, from the knowing and living of who you truly are. Connecting to your essence supports and sustains you through life’s inevitable ups and downs. Lasting peace comes from discovering your spiritual essence. The truth is that you are much more than you imagine yourself to be. Your essence is not flawed. Deep inside you are already worthy and whole.







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