February 24, 2020

What Is So Sacred About The Number 108?

Astronomer, mathematician, and physicist Galileo Galilei made an interesting statement. He said that the universe is written “in mathematical language”. He maintained that the mysteries of creation itself could be solved through numbers and mathematical equations. Mystics of all traditions around the world, found that numbers offered more than scientific insight—they offered a secret language for awakening, a key to our own intuition and higher aspects of our being. Yogis found the number 108 to be such a key. The number 108 has always been a highly revered number for thousands of years, coveted by many spiritual traditions and ascribed special significance in meditation and prayer.  Considered to be the most auspicious number of all, 108 also happens to be the number of stitches on a baseball.   In yoga, the number 108 refers to spiritual completion. That’s the reason why malas used for japa (silent repetition of a mantra) […]
January 28, 2020

How to cure self-sabotage the yogic way

Self sabotage is one of the worst things we do to ourselves. Is this something you are guilty of? it comes in many forms. In this video I share how these self limiting thoughts can be overcome.
October 9, 2019

How to Avoid Injuries During Yoga Practice

  How to Avoid Injuries During Yoga Practice   The ancient practice of yoga includes body, mind and spirit, encompassing everything that we need in order to live a peaceful and content life. Regular practice of yoga elevates a person to a higher level of optimal health, positivity and goodness. If you are a regular practitioner, you will have experienced the benefits of yoga and the impact it has had on your own life. You may have witnessed this as a transformation in your body, a new way of thinking, improved behavior in relationships or better health conditions.   While an advanced yoga training is powerful, these practices also have the potential for harm. Occasionally an injury will cause pain and discomfort. This almost always occurs due to negligence on our part. Injuries will require that you modify your practice or can keep you from practicing for weeks or even […]