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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Learn to Teach Yoga with Meditation Retreats

    The yoga teacher training that we offer provides high level technical skill and cutting edge anatomical education, while at the same time offering a profound, life changing and transformative experience.  The courses and meditation retreats take place in two idyllic resort locations, ensuring maximum peace and tranquillity and allowing you to focus on learning.
    Our approach [...]

  • Choosing the Perfect Yoga Retreat for Your Yoga Teacher Training

    There are many benefits in undertaking additional yoga training, and these are not necessarily all related to the end result of becoming a teacher. Many of our trainees are interested foremost in the deepening of their own practice through a yoga retreat, and in doing so, learning about the many aspects of yoga, gaining a [...]

  • Discover Self - Improvement through Yoga

    Yoga has been taught for thousands of years as a powerful tool for self-improvement allowing people to achieve inner peace, prosperity and happiness.
    Today many people come to yoga desiring to improve their physical well-being. Yoga Lessons offers many physical benefits, but the emotional and spiritual benefits are less well known.
    For regular yoga practitioners, the additional benefits are [...]


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