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Monthly Archives: January 2019

  • Yoga in the Morning – The Perfect Start to the Day!

    Yoga is growing in popularity across the world as never before. This can be attributed to the ease and flexibility that yoga provides, and the multiple benefits it brings to its practitioners. No wonder that many yogis and yoga teachers are enrolling in advanced Yoga Instructor Certification courses to teach at yoga studios and a [...]

  • 8 Ways To Treat Tendinitis

    8 Ways To Treat Tendonitis (One of Them Will Surprise You)
    Tendonitis can happen anywhere in the body. However, the most common areas for tendonitis are called your body's watershed zones. The term 'watershed area' refers to regions of the body that receive dual blood supply from the most distal branches of two large arteries. Because [...]

  • Want to do better at work? It’s time to take up Yoga!

    Yes, it’s that time of the year again. For setting new goals and to create your New Year's’ Resolution. With yet another year drawing to a close, now’s the time to reflect on the accomplishments and setbacks of the days gone by. Doing so not only helps us evaluate ourselves but also provides an opportunity [...]


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