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Yoga Teacher Training Courses

  • What’s The Best Time To Practice Yoga?

    If you are planning to join a yoga teacher training and intend to make yoga an integral part of your daily regimen, you might well be wondering about the optimal time of day for yoga practice. The good thing is that there is never a bad time to practice yoga! What’s more important is that [...]

  • 4 Important Things To Remember When Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training School

    If you have been thinking about getting certified in teaching yoga, the sheer volume of schools available now will leave you dumbstruck. These schools have created a huge volume of marketing material and flooded it where most new aspiring yoga teachers go to find schools, the internet. Due to the advancements in networking and communication [...]

  • Teach Yoga And Earn A Living?

    Many yoga teacher training courses will train you in how to teach classes - which is the main requirement for a successful teaching career - but they will teach you nothing on finding a teaching position, private lessons, or the many opportunities outside of the yoga studios. At the Himalayan Yoga Institute, we also provide tips and information on how to build a yoga teaching career and earn a living. Read More...
  • How To Celebrate The International Yoga Day

    Meditation is a wonderful way to make contact with the soul. It cultivates the mind and refines it gently and with love. Just as our body needs care, so too our soul requires attention, care and mindfulness. Only you decide whether to listen to your soul in order to lovingly and consistently integrate it into your being. For this, constant mental hygiene, which can also be called "soul care", is of great importance. Meditation is an invaluable tool of mental hygiene and prepares the pathway to our soul. Singing also lifts the mind and connects us with soul, especially devotional singing and kirtan. Read More...
  • Yoga Teacher Training in Croatia?

    During the last yoga teacher training in May 2018 we had a grand time and here we share some pictures that will help you get a feeling of how and where we visited and spent time. Every afternoon students have some 3 hours to go to the beach, swim and frolic in the sea. Students can also study in the Mediterranean gardens enjoying the view of the sea. Read More...
  • How To Use Hands-On Adjustments In Yoga

    Posture Guiding If a student is struggling to guide themselves into a posture in a safe manner and the instructor is concerned that they may become injured as a result of their poor technique, hands on adjustments can be used to guide a student into the correct posture. Read More...
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? Choosing the Location of Your Yoga Teacher Training

    First you decide to take the life-changing plunge to become a yoga teacher. Next, you must find the yoga teacher training program that’s right for you. This is no small task. One big consideration is where the training will take place. The location you choose has the power to shape your experience.
    Check in with yourself [...]

  • 12 Ways to Prepare for Your Yoga Teacher Training

    You are an interesting anomaly in the modern world. By becoming a yoga instructor, you are choosing a career path that will help you enrich the lives of others as well your own. And you are proving yourself to be willing to do the hard work necessary to make it happen. As your yoga teacher [...]

  • Listen To Your Calling - Yoga Teacher Training

    A Journey Into Excellence
    Meet Paula, a.k.a. Parvati, a young woman who decided to listen to her calling and make yoga teaching her life's career.
    Parvati is a Sanskrit name and means 'The Universal Mother and Great Goddess' and that's true for Paula who is moving into her greatness both personally and as someone who shares the [...]

  • 5 Essential Traits of A Yoga Teacher - Yoga Teacher Training in Himalayas

    Good teachers will have the technical know-how, whereas great teachers won't settle but will build on technical skills by infusing them with their soul and heart. So, what exactly is it that establishes the difference? Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint or put into words. Yet, the qualities and energy that go into the craft of conducting a great class which will not only exercise the students' bodies and calm their minds but also cause a lasting positive transformation on a deeper spiritual level are distinguishable and recognizable. Read More...

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