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Visa and travel information for Croatia

  Arrival, Departures & Transfers


If you are travelling from London you can get a direct flight to Rijeka with Croatia Airlines. You may visit their website to check the dates and prices:




There is a Catamaran commuting daily between Rijeka and Mali Losinj. The last one leaves Rijeka at about 17.00 in the evening. 


There is also a ferry leaving from Zadar to Mali Losinj.

The Catamaran from Rijeka is £10 one way.


Additionally there is a daily ferry from Rijeka to Mali Losinj:




Another option would be to take a flight to Zagreb and then travel by bus directly to Mali Losinj. This is easy, since the shuttle bus from the Zagreb airport leaves you right at the bus terminal from where you can buy your bus ticket and also take the bus to Mali Losinj. The bus ticket from Zagreb to Mali Losinj costs about  £20 one way (prices are approximate).


You can buy a bus ticket from Zagreb to Mali Losinj online:





There ia also a catamaran leaving daily at 5 pm from Rijeka to Mali Losinj.


In case you are taking the catamaran from Zadar you can buy a ticket via the following site:





If you are flying to Zagreb and taking a bus from there (or an onward flight to Rijeka), please, check the following websites for flights:





If you prefer not to fly you might consider the following option:


A winning combination of trains and boats and no planes, but you’ll need to make sure you get your timings right as the ferry only runs a couple of times a week. First travel from London to Bari in Italy (Eurostar to Paris, the overnight sleeper train to Bologna and a fast train on to Bari) and then sail from Bari to Croatia, where you can depart at your pick of several destinations including Dubrovnik, Split and Rijeka.
Travel costs: Trains from London to Bari from £180 return, Ferry from Bari to Croatia from £36


Please, check with the Croatian Embassy in your respective country whether or not you are required to obtain a visa for Croatia.

  Travel Insurance

As with any holiday travel insurance is always recommended and please make sure that you have an international medical insurance in case of an emergency. We will not be able to take any responsibility or cover any costs for medical treatment.

  What to bring
  • Yoga mat: It's best to bring your own mat, even though we may be able to provide a loan mat.
  • Money: It is best to exchange cash to Kuna, the Croatian currency, at the airport, and  there are also ATMs within a 15 minute drive in downtown Mali Losinj. You would want to have some funds on your arrival, which you can purchase at your airport of departure. For the up to date exchange rate see www.xe.com
  • Electrical adaptors: Mali Losinj operates on 220V, the 2 prong European plugs, which are different from the UK ones, so you may want to bring an electrical converter plug.
  • Towel: We provide room towels at the retreat site but ask that you do not take them to the beach.
  • Earplugs: If you are sensitive sleeper, you may want to bring them along.

For more information regarding the holidays you may contact us:

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