Intellectual property and copyright

Intellectual property and copyright

Please note that all lectures that are taught on the 200h and 300h training, courses as well as on all other training courses and retreats organized and conducted by the Himalayan Yoga Institute by any and all of our teachers are the intellectual property of the Himalayan Yoga Institute. All lectures exist in a fixed form and have either been recorded and/or exist in written form. They are the intellectual property of the Himalayan Yoga Institute and are as such protected by copyright laws.

It is an illegal infringement of a copyright to reproduce and distribute the lectures for a purpose other than a student’s own personal educational use.

The copyright holder, i.e. the Himalayan Yoga Institute, has the exclusive right to perform the copyrighted material as a class lecture and create derivative works of that material, such as a book, a course manual, an audio or video recording for distribution and/or sale, online and offline magazine articles.

What we refer to here is student’s notes taken during lectures that are transcript-style notes.

The lecture content and lecture notes created by faculty, and its recording, attract copyright which will, by default, be owned by the Himalayan Yoga Institute.

What rights does the Himalayan Yoga Institute retain in course materials and what restrictions does the Institute place on the use of such course materials?

  1. The Institute retains the right to use all course materials for its own educational and research purposes, including archiving the materials.
  2. Alumni may NOT distribute or sell course materials or content (including content based on notes they have taken during lectures) for commercial purposes.
  3. Alumni may NOT use course materials or content to teach the same course outside of the Himalayan Yoga Institute.

Which course materials are owned by the Himalayan Yoga Institute and the faculty-creator?
Examples of course materials that are owned by the Himalayan Yoga Institute and the faculty creator (lecturer hired by the Himalayan Yoga Institute) include:

  1. Course syllabi
  2. Lecture notes
  3. PowerPoint or other digital presentations
  4. Class assignments, exams, and supplemental materials
  5. Digital course materials, including a limited, insubstantial part of a digitally produced or digitally reproduced lecture

What might the Himalayan Yoga Institute do with course materials created by faculty, either individually or collectively and owned by the Himalayan Yoga Institute?

Possible uses include but are not limited to:

  1. Re-use, reproduce, adapt, modify, update, exhibit, display, archive, use in compilations or create derivative works
  2. License the content to non-profit institutions without a fee
  3. License videos for their own commercial use or to other institutions in return for a fee

Apart from upholding the Himalayan Yoga Institute’s intellectual property rights this measure is also aimed at maintaining the integrity – and accuracy – of the instructor’s lectures.

Students’ notes violate copyright law, when sold for distribution rather than simply used for personal studying by the note-taker, as they are based on the copyright-protected lecture content and existing written/recorded materials.

Fair Use

Taking notes to aid your own study is Fair Use/Dealing. The notes taken during lectures are however not to be used for commercial purposes.

In case of Non-Fair Use

Legal action will be taken against students who have sold their notes to third parties or who attempt unauthorized selling of their notes, or who attempt to create derivative works based on their notes for commercial use.