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 Yoga Teacher Training

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to a deeper, more meaningful level or teach others about the wonderful benefits of classical yoga?

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What Makes Us Stand Out From Other



Yoga Teacher Training Courses?


We're so glad you asked!


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Dates 2019


25 Feb - 24 March 2019 South India (200h YTT)


05 - 11 July 2019 Birmingham, UK, Pregnancy Yoga TTC


03 - 28 June 2019 Isle of Losinj, Croatia (200h YTT)


20 Aug - 14 Sep 2019 Isle of Losinj, Croatia (200YTT)


16 - 23 Sep 2019 Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Croatia


14 Oct - 10 Nov 2019 South India (200h YTT)


14 - 21 Nov 2019 South India Yoga Retreat


Dates 2020


18 Jan - 18 Feb 2020 South India (Advanced 300h YTT)



You Deserve A Yoga Teacher Training

As Unique As You Are



There are so many yoga teacher training courses out there to choose from. How do you know which yoga training is right for you?


Just like life, yoga is not one size fits all. At the Himalayan Yoga Institute, we believe yoga to be more than a rigid sequence of asanas.


Our Yoga Alliance accredited 200 hour teacher training program will give you a solid foundation in the many facets of yoga so you can create flexible programmes that will honour your students as individuals and make you an in-demand yoga instructor.


Your new career


Imagine watching your students blossom under your tutelage. You can become the type of instructor you’ve always loved: knowledgeable, flexible, supportive and loving. You’ll wake up each day knowing you are making a crucial difference in bringing yoga into the lives of others.


Why now?


Don’t ignore that little voice inside your head -- the one that’s been telling you a career in yoga is right for you. If you have a passion for bringing the joy of yoga to others, start your yoga training journey today, instead of looking back with regret at what could have been.


Find peace in your calling. Release yourself from the 9-5 mentality and begin savouring a life built on the power of yoga.


Why the Himalayan Yoga Institute?

Our yoga teacher training courses set themselves apart owing to the unique features of our approach. Our yoga training includes the following:


Comprehensive Curriculum

There’s been a recent trend in yoga to focus on a narrow set of asanas practiced within the confines of a certain style. Our approach is different. At the Himalayan Yoga Institute we believe in providing you with a broad yogic education to empower you to make the best possible choices for your students and create a modern yoga class that respects yoga’s traditions and foundation while taking into account the unique personal needs of your students.


Individualized Approach

Our approach to teaching asanas is eclectic as it encompasses training in classical yoga while integrating the best elements of two yoga styles. Rather than training you to duplicate a specific system or style, we offer you an environment and resources to develop the art and science of teaching yoga in a way that is responsive to the class situation and relevant to the individual needs of the students in front of you.

You will be introduced to the principles of teaching a Hatha class, a Vinyasa class and a Restorative class, within the larger picture of the Rajadhiraja School of Yoga. You will receive a classical yoga training which honours the traditional teachings.


Authentic Ashram Living

Our courses are residential, designed according to the ancient gurukula educational system, providing you with the opportunity to spend 25 days under the same roof with your teachers and co-students.


Traditionally, residing in a gurukula or ashram meant following a daily routine of yoga training while living and learning with a teacher or guru and receiving regular individualized guidance. Ashram living ensured an intensive process of accelerated learning while strengthening a person’s own yoga practice through observation of the teacher, self-discipline and probing into the nature of mind, body and spirit. Our ashram-styled yoga teacher training course will allow you to build a firm foundation of personal practice enabling you to teach others intuitively and with confidence

Inspiring Locations

Your yoga teacher training is a special time of profound insights and should happen in an inspiring setting. We offer two beautiful location choices for our yoga training programs: the Kullu Valley in India, nestled in the Himalayas and the Isle of Losinj, in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia.


Small Groups

Each student joining our yoga teacher training course is cherished and important. Because each person counts and we want students to benefit from our individualized approach, we accept only a limited number of people on all our yoga training courses. This ensures that maximum personalized attention can be given to each and every student. We accept a maximum of 20 students on our India courses and only a very small number of 8 students on our Croatia courses.


Highly Experienced Teachers

Our lead teachers are highly competent and knowledgeable with over 3 decades of experience in the techniques of yoga and meditation and our assistant teachers are carefully selected and passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with others.


Ganga Devi is the founder/director and principal teacher at the Himalayan Yoga Institute and has led yoga training courses, yoga and meditation retreats, seminars and has taught classes and workshops on yoga, diet and lifestyle in the USA, India, Germany, Croatia and the UK for nearly three decades.


Her unique style of teaching is the result of a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through many years of practical yoga training and teaching yoga to people with different needs and levels of ability. Her approach is down-to-earth while at the same time inspirational, uplifting and infused with bhakti.


Click here to read more about Ganga Devi.


Get started


Check out our detailed curriculum, then choose the yoga training location that’s right for you. We offer two inspiring location choices for our teacher training programs: The Kullu Valley, India, nestled in the Himalayas and the Isle of Losinj, Croatia in the Adriatic.


Learn more about our upcoming teacher training in India.


Learn more about our upcoming teacher training in Croatia.



Yoga Holidays Yoga Teacher Training in India  

For our yoga teacher training in India we have chosen a small village, in the Himalayas, in Kullu Valley, also called the valley of gods. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga and meditation and to come to know yourself more deeply. We are offering a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum to support you in becoming a great teacher.


What our students say about the course:


"The 200-hours YTT course goes well beyond physical asanas with very experienced and sincere teachers providing a comprehensive lifetime experience in the majestic Himalayan mountains which have always attracted true Yogi/nis."

Dr. David Haberlah, Brisbane - Australia


"The training course provided me with an amazingly extensive foundation – enough to feed on for years. I am now a very happy and confident yoga teacher ready to go out and distribute the joy and inspiration of yoga to all."

Veronique Chevalier, France


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spiritual coaching Yoga Teacher Training in Croatia


The island Losinj boasts of breathtaking natural beauty and besides yoga, offers lots of ways to spend your time, swimming in the ‘azure’ waters, snorkelling, taking walks in the magical countryside on elaborate footpaths strewn across the island and other inspiring activities. Losinj is famous for its mild, asthma-curing climate, rich flora and dolphin sightings. The yoga teacher training in Croatia is perfect for people who long for the ultimate healing and uplifting experience while developing their yoga teaching skills.


What students say about the course in Croatia:


"This course is not just a teachers training course...
It is an inspired journey with every moment meticulously considered and planned, conducted with unwavering patience and love. Always love.
Living and learning with Ganga in a small group (as students did in the ancient Gurukula system) provided the perfect opportunity to receive personal guidance and advice with regards to asana practice, meditation and philosophy.
I leave this course not only confident to instruct an asana class, but with a firm foundation on which to grow spiritually and to share this newly acquired knowledge with all I meet."
... With so much love and utmost respect

Jean Dollery, South Africa

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yoga training courses Yoga Retreats


Ignite the Spiritual Breakthrough You’ve Been


Seeking with a Powerful Yoga Retreat


With our hectic modern lives, where we struggle to meet obligations both at work and at home, it’s all too easy to let our commitment to yoga -- and to ourselves -- slip.


You can reset your intention with a weeklong plunge into yoga.


Two retreat options


Our 7 Powers Personal Success and Yoga Retreat™ harnesses the latest neuroscience research in tandem with the ancient wisdom of yoga to create a personal breakthrough in a just a weeklong retreat.


This retreat was designed by the Himalayan Yoga Institute to ignite your passion, provide a proven path to achieving your vision for your life and foster a profound state of peace. You’ll come away with practical skills to create the life you’ve always wanted by applying the seven powers of Presence, Observation, Choice and Willpower, Beliefs, Purpose, Action and Context.


Discover you own 7 powers to create the life you desire. You’ll learn how to remove limitations from the past, how to find your passion and life purpose. You will feel empowered to achieve anything you feel truly important and meaningful for you. You’ll not only walk out the door crystal-clear about where you're going - and how you’re going to get there, but also you’ll learn how to operate the most important tool in your life - yourself.


Read more about our 7 Powers Personal Development Retreat.


Our Yoga Immersion Retreat offers the space and time to engage in a languorous asana practice. Our small groups allow for individualized attention from a teacher with nearly thirty years experience. You’ll not only deepen your practice through asanas and pranayama, but learn lesser known aspects of the yogic system and explore the deepest states of your consciousness. The retreat is balanced by long nature walks, deep meditation sessions and delicious vegetarian meals prepared lovingly for you.


Read more about our Yoga Immersion Retreat.


What our retreats participants say


“The retreat in India was a deeply intense experience for me. It propelled me into a deeper relationship with my yoga practice. I went to find inspiration and clarity, both of which I found. I came back with a clearer mind and with a stronger body.”

Sarah Orme, Glastonbury UK


"The Himalayan retreat experience has been a revelation and of huge benefit for my own personal development and spiritual growth. For me it was a journey of self discovery. It was like having a massage for the heart and a lifetime experience I will cherish and gladly repeat."

Asha Joshi, London UK


Why Now?


Don’t let the day to day grind get in the way of your well being. Give yourself the gift of reconnecting to your mind, body and spirit with a yoga retreat from the Himalayan Yoga Institute.


Spend some time on yourself: clear your mind, renew your energy, strengthen your body and renew your commitment to your own inner peace. When you take time for yourself, you are better positioned to make a positive difference in the lives of your loved ones, and the world.


Your teacher and spiritual guide


Ganga Devi has led yoga and meditation retreats, taught classes and workshops on yoga, diet and lifestyle in the USA, India, Germany, Croatia and the UK for more than two decades.


Her unique style of teaching is the result of a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through many years of practice and teaching yoga to people with different needs and levels of ability. Her approach is down-to-earth while at the same time inspirational, uplifting and infused with bhakti.


Click here to read more about Ganga.


Take the next step


Check out our retreat options and locales and choose the retreat that speaks to you. We offer two beautiful location choices for our retreats programs: The Kullu Valley, India, nestled in the Himalayas and the Isle of Losinj, Croatia in the Adriatic.

Learn more about our upcoming yoga holidays in India.


Learn more about our upcoming yoga holidays in Croatia.


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 What Our Students Are Saying
"My sincere thanks go out to Ganga Devi of the Himalayan Yoga Institute for providing a very complete teacher training programme that took me on a beautiful journey of self discovery and growth that has enabled me to teach confidently from experience. The focus on the benefits of the poses not only on the physical body but on the subtle body and the endocrine system has been hugely beneficial. I feel I have a solid, authentic base from which I still have space to be creative and develop my own teaching. With deepest gratitude, thank you."
Paula Andreewitch, London UK
"Truly excellent. The ashram experience was one that I will hold onto in my memories for ever. Waking in the morning to the sight of snow capped mountains in the distance and beautiful sunrises allowed perfect time for reflection.
The teachings were broad and they were delivered incredibly well. I feel that I have gained so much, not only in my understanding of yoga, but also in the development of myself spiritually and physically."
Thomas Hallam, London UK
"♥ ♥ ♥ Kullu Valley Ashram a magical place and space, which opens your eyes & heart!!! Surrounded by nature; mountains, birds and the lovely local people ... the sweetest part of India I have been till now. The devotion of Ganga for her work and path makes this training totally unique, after these 3 weeks I experienced a deep transformation and connection with my Self!!! Once she took us walking through the small villages nearby to a temple with a tree next to it, I just experienced magic in that holy place! You have to experience it by your self to live and feel the beauty I try to describe and the charismatic and devotional teacher Ganga is! .... Looking so much forward to knowing the new Ashram in the South:), much love ... Namaste!!!!"
Francisca Anselmi, Uruguay
"Kullu Valley, Himalayas 2014. Thank you Ganga for sharing your knowledge and your tremendous warmth. The experience in India has had a tremendous positive and lasting impact on me and provided me with a memory that I will always treasure."
Beverly Drakes, Barbados
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