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Let’s make the best of this time when we are stuck at home. Be like a caterpillar, cocooned yet emerging transformed, uplifted, inspired and stronger, ready to fly, winged like a butterfly.

Be inspired by this virtual platform of Rajadhiraja Yoga - a unique blend of ancient yogic wisdom, deeply transformational asana practice, chakra work, meditation, ethics and planetary change. Find out about our immersions and our yoga teacher training courses. Read articles, blogs and ebooks that will help you navigate your yoga journey.

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  • The Himalayan Yoga Institute teacher training was an experience like no other. You can read all about it, see photos, read testimonials but it's just not possible to imagine the vastness of knowledge that is shared with you in what seems like the fastest month of your life! The doors are opened to a whole new world and you have the privilege of being able to take a peek or fully explore the other side. Expertly guided throughout by the warmth and infectious passion of the radiant Ganga Devi, it's a once in a lifetime experience you'll never forget! :))

    Ellie Marchione, Eastry Sandwich Kent, United Kingdom
  • After endless weeks of searching for the right YTT course my husband came across the Himalayan Yoga Institute. When he showed it to me, it caught my attention immediately, not only the location looked superb but the curriculum of the course itself had everything I could ever wish for and the fact that it was only an intimate group of students meant it would be more personal with a great one-to-one approach. It only got better on arrival, meeting Ganga was definitely the highlight of this course. To say that she is a knowledgeable and professional teacher would be an understatement. Ganga Devi is one of a kind, her energy is so magnetic that you can’t help but be mesmerised by her. She possesses incredible knowledge of yoga, philosophy, Indian culture and anatomy … Ganga is very kind, loving, compassionate and caring but can be strict when needed to be a teacher. I found this course extremely unique, truly transformative, comprehensive, well-structed and taught in a way that makes it easy to understand the yogic philosophy. Not only did we get to practice all core and supportive asanas but we had time to teach classes daily ourselves, under Ganga’s supervision. The course was intense and packed with information that made us all feel empowered and come back to the world with all necessary tools to become a great, confident yoga teacher. Your forever grateful student, Yuliya.

    Yuliya Poberezhnik, United Kingdom (YTT Croatia, May 2018)
  • The Himalayan Yoga Institute YTT was an excellent program that provided a solid foundation for understanding and practicing yoga. After a great deal of research I chose this school for its traditional guru-style approach. Many western schools only teach asanas and I wanted to understand the meaning behind the practice, its origin, and I got to do all of that by learning from a real guru with over 30 years of experience in India while staying in an Ashram in the Himalayas. If you are serious about learning what yoga is all about, why yoga is not just about asanas, and where it all came from, then this is the school I'd recommend! Lastly, the material taught by Ganga Devi continues to work its magic and blossoms like a lotus flower even after you've left the Ashram. I am forever changed and eternally grateful for having this opportunity to learn from a true yoga master - Ganga Devi.

    Melanie Vander Valk, New York, USA, (YTT India, April 2016)
  • "I loved the nada yoga, mandala and dance workshops. The feedback on our teaching was very useful, detailed and clear to inform improvement. The self-development workshop was excellent and I am looking forward to have more of this in the future. It was a comprehensive, inspiring, very practical and useful course. I feel I was provided with valuable skills and knowledge. I loved the personalized sessions and the experience of ashram life. Ganga was a great model and guide. I simply loved the course and I am looking forward to attend the advanced 300h course."

    Rosaia Ruberto, Rome, Italy (YTT Croatia, June 2015)
  • "Wow, what a course. I have never learned so much in so short a time and what I have learned has changed my life. I expected to be pushed physically and I was and I loved every moment of it. I didn't expect to love the study at all, but I loved every moment of this too, I was fascinated, challenged and inspired every day. Thank you Ganga for all the dedication, enthusiasm and care you put into the course, you are amazing. My mind has been expanded, my body tuned and my soul uplifted. Can't wait to do the advanced course."

    Anne McNaughton, Sheffield, Scotland (YTT Croatia, August 2015)

Romy Leduc Schraenen

Quebec, Canada (YTT India)

"I will be forever grateful to Ganga for having shared her knowledge of the ancient wisdom of yoga with me. When I booked my training at the Himalayan Yoga Institute, it didn’t take me long to feel assured of my decision. Actually, I started looking 6 months in advance, and less than two weeks later I had already booked my place. And this was one of the best decisions I ever took in my life. The training went beyond my expectations, not only because the curriculum of the training was very complete (and went very deep on many subjects), but also because of the teacher giving the training, Ganga. Ganga belongs to a category of rare persons you will meet in your life. She is truly genuine, compassionate, she radiates with happiness and I am sure, inspires many people on her path, and I am one of them. With an arising popularity of yoga in Western countries, it is hard to find an authentic teacher, but even more so authentic trainings which do not just focus only on the physical side of yoga, the asanas. I loved to learn about the history of India, the country of origin of yoga, as well as the philosophy behind yoga practices. As a result, I feel like I can better serve my students in their growth, as yogis, but also as human beings. Without imposing any belief, this training succeeded in showing me another perspective to life. Moreover, human anatomy, as well as human biology were well covered, and even made me want to deepen my knowledge of the human body and its functioning. Before my training I did not know much about this subject, so I was afraid that I will struggle and not be able to understand, but this was not the case at all."

Himalaya-h2The Principal TeacherHimalaya-h2

Ganga Devi has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years. She is is the founder and the director of the Himalayan Yoga Insitute, a senior yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and an IAYT certified yoga therapist.

Ganga discovered yoga in 1988 and has spent many years in India where she deepened her understanding and practice of yoga. As years went by, Ganga worked as the director of a yoga centre in Northern California (USA), she was actively involved in community service teaching yoga to inmates, university students, and at various health and women's centres. For seven years she led the life of formal renunciation or sannyas, as a yogic nun. Furthermore, she has taught classes, workshops and seminars on yoga, diet and lifestyle in India, Germany, Croatia and the UK.

Today she devotes her time to serious seekers and also teaches yoga for beginners, to people who want to learn more about the time-tested practice of yoga. She organises yoga retreat vacations in India, Croatia, France and the UK providing opportunities to regenerate and immerse oneself in the life-transforming practices of yoga and meditation. At present she lives in London, where she teaches Yoga, Meditation and Indian Classical Dance.

Himalaya-h2Our VisionHimalaya-h2

The logo of the Himalayan Yoga Institute is a representation of the heart chakra with its twelve petals and a blooming lotus at its centre, symbolizing the awakening of universal love and spiritual awareness. Finding our way back to our heart allows us to realize the power, beauty and innate wisdom of our Inner Self.

We envision a free world where people live together as one human family, with unity in diversity, one at heart, diverse in their expression. A human society that cares for the environment, animals and plants. We envision a future that will bring harmony to the planet, love and spiritual growth to all. We believe that yoga can transform the world, one person at a time.

Himalaya-h2Our VisionHimalaya-h2

The logo of the Himalayan Yoga Institute is a representation of the heart chakra with its twelve petals and a blooming lotus at its centre, symbolizing the awakening of universal love and spiritual awareness. Finding our way back to our heart allows us to realize the power, beauty and innate wisdom of our Inner Self.

We envision a free world where people live together as one human family, with unity in diversity, one at heart, diverse in their expression. A human society that cares for the environment, animals and plants. We envision a future that will bring harmony to the planet, love and spiritual growth to all. We believe that yoga can transform the world, one person at a time.


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February 24, 2020

What Is So Sacred About The Number 108?

Astronomer, mathematician, and physicist Galileo Galilei made an interesting statement. He said that the universe is written “in mathematical language”. He maintained that the mysteries of creation itself could be solved through numbers and mathematical equations. Mystics of all traditions around the world, found that numbers offered more than scientific insight—they offered a secret language for awakening, a key to our own intuition and higher aspects of our being. Yogis found the number 108 to be such a key. The number 108 has always been a highly revered number for thousands of years, coveted by many spiritual traditions and ascribed special significance in meditation and prayer.  Considered to be the most auspicious number of all, 108 also happens to be the number of stitches on a baseball.   In yoga, the number 108 refers to spiritual completion. That’s the reason why malas used for japa (silent repetition of a mantra) […]
January 28, 2020

How to cure self-sabotage the yogic way

Self sabotage is one of the worst things we do to ourselves. Is this something you are guilty of? it comes in many forms. In this video I share how these self limiting thoughts can be overcome.
January 8, 2020

7 Yogic Secrets For A Long Life

There are seven yogic health secrets for a long life. Living long is not the goal of yogis as such, but leading a healthy and long life provides enough time to master oneself and to achieve the ultimate spiritual state of oneness – which is the goal of yogis. It is for this reason that yogis have given recommendations on how to live long and while alive, how to keep the body and mind healthy and happy. Obviously living long in an unhealthy body and ill mind is not in anyone’s interest. According to yoga there are seven “secrets” of longevity.1. Proper physical labour Exercising the body on a regular basis is essential, particularly in today’s world when physical labour is no longer a part and parcel of daily life as it used to be in the past. Most people’s lives are sedentary with little if any physical exertion. People sit […]

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Our 200 and 300 hours yoga teacher training courses are accredited and designed according to the standards of Yoga Alliance which ensures excellence and a well-rounded, holistic training experience. A Yoga Alliance accreditation will give you worldwide recognition and you will be able to teach yoga across the globe.

Himalaya-h2Why The Himalayan Yoga InstituteHimalaya-h2

What Makes Us Stand Out From Other Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

We're so glad you asked!

You Deserve A Yoga Teacher Training As Unique As You Are.

There are so many yoga teacher training courses out there to choose from. How do you know which yoga training is right for you? Just like life, yoga is not one size fits all. At the Himalayan Yoga Institute, we believe yoga to be more than a rigid sequence of asanas. Our Yoga Alliance accredited 200 hour teacher training program will give you a solid foundation in the many facets of yoga so you can create flexible programmes that will honour your students as individuals and make you an in-demand yoga instructor.

Himalaya-iconYour new career

Imagine watching your students blossom under your tutelage. You can become the type of instructor you’ve always loved: knowledgeable, flexible, supportive and loving. You’ll wake up each day knowing you are making a crucial difference in bringing yoga into the lives of others.

Himalaya-iconWhy the Himalayan Yoga Institute?

Our yoga teacher training courses set themselves apart owing to the unique features of our approach. Our yoga training includes the following:

Himalaya-iconIndividualized Approach

Our approach to teaching asanas is eclectic as it encompasses training in classical yoga while integrating the best elements of two yoga styles. Rather than training you to duplicate a specific system or style, we offer you an environment and resources to develop the art and science of teaching yoga in a way that is responsive to the class situation and relevant to the individual needs of the students in front of you. You will be introduced to the principles of teaching a Hatha class, a Vinyasa class and a Restorative class, within the larger picture of the Rajadhiraja School of Yoga. You will receive a classical yoga training which honours the traditional teachings.

Himalaya-iconInspiring Locations

Your yoga teacher training is a special time of profound insights and should happen in an inspiring setting. We offer two beautiful location choices for our yoga training programs: the Kullu Valley in India, nestled in the Himalayas and the Isle of Losinj, in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia.

Himalaya-iconHighly Experienced Teachers

Our lead teachers are highly competent and knowledgeable with over 3 decades of experience in the techniques of yoga and meditation and our assistant teachers are carefully selected and passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with others. Ganga Devi is the founder/director and principal teacher at the Himalayan Yoga Institute and has led yoga training courses, yoga and meditation retreats, seminars and has taught classes and workshops on yoga, diet and lifestyle in the USA, India, Germany, Croatia and the UK for nearly three decades. Her unique style of teaching is the result of a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through many years of practical yoga training and teaching yoga to people with different needs and levels of ability. Her approach is down-to-earth while at the same time inspirational, uplifting and infused with bhakti.

Himalaya-iconWhy now?

Don’t ignore that little voice inside your head -- the one that’s been telling you a career in yoga is right for you. If you have a passion for bringing the joy of yoga to others, start your yoga training journey today, instead of looking back with regret at what could have been. Find peace in your calling. Release yourself from the 9-5 mentality and begin savouring a life built on the power of yoga.

Himalaya-iconComprehensive Curriculum

There’s been a recent trend in yoga to focus on a narrow set of asanas practiced within the confines of a certain style. Our approach is different. At the Himalayan Yoga Institute we believe in providing you with a broad yogic education to empower you to make the best possible choices for your students and create a modern yoga class that respects yoga’s traditions and foundation while taking into account the unique personal needs of your students.

Himalaya-iconAuthentic Ashram Living

Our courses are residential, designed according to the ancient gurukula educational system, providing you with the opportunity to spend 25 days under the same roof with your teachers and co-students. Traditionally, residing in a gurukula or ashram meant following a daily routine of yoga training while living and learning with a teacher or guru and receiving regular individualized guidance. Ashram living ensured an intensive process of accelerated learning while strengthening a person’s own yoga practice through observation of the teacher, self-discipline and probing into the nature of mind, body and spirit. Our ashram-styled yoga teacher training course will allow you to build a firm foundation of personal practice enabling you to teach others intuitively and with confidence.

Himalaya-iconSmall Groups

Each student joining our yoga teacher training course is cherished and important. Because each person counts and we want students to benefit from our individualized approach, we accept only a limited number of people on all our yoga training courses. This ensures that maximum personalized attention can be given to each and every student. We accept a maximum of 20 students on our India courses and only a very small number of 8 students on our Croatia courses.


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