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  • Yoga in the Morning – The Perfect Start to the Day!

    Yoga is growing in popularity across the world as never before. This can be attributed to the ease and flexibility that yoga provides, and the multiple benefits it brings to its practitioners. No wonder that many yogis and yoga teachers are enrolling in advanced Yoga Instructor Certification courses to teach at yoga studios and a [...]

  • 8 Ways To Treat Tendinitis

    8 Ways To Treat Tendonitis (One of Them Will Surprise You)
    Tendonitis can happen anywhere in the body. However, the most common areas for tendonitis are called your body's watershed zones. The term 'watershed area' refers to regions of the body that receive dual blood supply from the most distal branches of two large arteries. Because [...]

  • Want to do better at work? It’s time to take up Yoga!

    Yes, it’s that time of the year again. For setting new goals and to create your New Year's’ Resolution. With yet another year drawing to a close, now’s the time to reflect on the accomplishments and setbacks of the days gone by. Doing so not only helps us evaluate ourselves but also provides an opportunity [...]

  • What’s The Best Time To Practice Yoga?

    If you are planning to join a yoga teacher training and intend to make yoga an integral part of your daily regimen, you might well be wondering about the optimal time of day for yoga practice. The good thing is that there is never a bad time to practice yoga! What’s more important is that [...]

  • The Spiritual Side of Yoga – What it Means and How to Achieve it

    While most people take up yoga training for its physical benefits, the practice of yoga can benefit us in various other ways. Yoga is deeply rooted in spirituality and many of the postures have deeper objectives that go beyond simple stretching and strengthening of muscles. The holistic effect that is attained through yoga enables practitioners [...]

  • Practicing Yoga – How Much is Too Much?

    If you are a student of yoga who wishes to continue learning and evolve into an “advanced” yoga teacher training practitioner, the first question to ask yourselves is: "How should I do it?" One cannot have a "serious" practice by taking occasional short term classes or exploring various styles without any cohesive direction. All of [...]

  • 9 Yogic Breathing Practices for Mind-Body Balance and Healing

    Breathing is the very essence of life and the first thing we do when we enter this world and the last thing when we depart. In between, our bodies absorb roughly half a billion breaths.
    Apart from sustaining life, the mind, body and breath are so intimately connected that they deeply influence each other. The way [...]

  • Can Yoga help improve one’s state of mind?

    The field of mental health is witnessing an upsurge in popularity of various mind-body healing techniques that address issues ranging from stress relief to mood and anxiety disorders.
    The combination of proven western psychology and eastern mind-body practices such as yoga have become an effective antidote to emotional and psychological issues. Mindfulness skills learned in advanced [...]

  • The Multiple Benefits of ‘Surya Namaskar’

    The sun is revered the world over as a symbol of energy and vibrant life. One of the most popular routines in the advanced yoga teacher training, the ‘Surya Namaskar’ has showing gratitude to the sun as its essence. It also connects us to the solar powers within, activating piungala nadii. The Surya Namaskar (Sun [...]

  • How A Bit Of Sleep Can Improve Your Overall Yoga Experience

    Yoga works to not only build strength, flexibility and focus, but also brings a deep sense of calm to the body and mind. A yoga teacher training offers the opportunity to rejuvenate your mind while also adding vigour to your body.
    It is recommended to close your daily yoga session with a stint of Yoga Nidra [...]


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