Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Qualified and Confident Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Ongoing Online  

We are delighted to offer this Online Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training which has been designed for a variety of participants: existing yoga teachers, health care professionals, midwives, doulas, expectant mothers, and anyone who plans to have a baby in the future.


This fully certified course covers yoga therapy for fertility, pregnancy yoga, teaching yoga prenatally and postnatally, how to prepare for labour and birth, self-practice, as well as mother and baby yoga.


You will gain the skills to offer safe, appropriate and deeply enjoyable yoga classes to pregnant women, with expertise and confidence.



Pregnancy is a special time of embodying unconditional love and it offers a unique opportunity to experience the very goal of yoga – a profound sense of unity with all of creation. It is also a time to deeply reconnect with the power of feminine wisdom. Our approach to pregnancy yoga aspires to revive the ancient wisdom of the cycles of Mother Nature and the primordial wisdom of the creative feminine power.


It is imperative to create a positive and nurturing environment for the mother-to-be and her child. Yoga can help a woman deeply connect with the new life growing within her body – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With your expertise and knowledge you will be able to create yoga classes that will help a woman deal with the physical and mental challenges of pregnancy while at the same time preparing for labour and birth into motherhood.

The Female and Male Divine


The philosophy of Tantra offers insight into the basis of creation – the union of Shiva and Shakti and how this informs conception and the creation of embodied life. The divine feminine is supported by and embedded in the divine masculine. Both play a vital role in the cosmic creation as well as the creation of a human child. When both are fully acknowledged and empowered an optimum environment for the growing child is established.


The role of the father will be addressed too, and we will explore ways to include fathers in the process of bonding with the unborn child.


Rajadhiraja Yoga for Pregnancy


You will develop an understanding of womb anatomy and female physiology, the hormonal changes of pregnancy, learn how to use asana modifications, breathing techniques and pranayama, sonic baby massage, self-massage, mudras (both fully body mudras and hand mudras) and deep relaxation techniques. A special dance for women, particularly designed to ease childbirth will be taught on this course, which is unique to the practice of Rajadhiraja yoga and not taught on other pregnancy yoga teacher training courses.

Topics covered


You will develop an understanding of womb anatomy and female physiology, the hormonal changes of pregnancy, learn how to use asana modifications, breathing techniques and pranayama, sonic baby massage, self-massage, mudras (both fully body mudras and hand mudras) and deep relaxation techniques. A special dance for women, particularly designed to ease childbirth will be taught on this course, which is unique to the practice of Rajadhiraja yoga and not taught on other pregnancy yoga teacher training courses.


  • The five layers of the mind and the relevant techniques to nurture them during pregnancy
  • A simple, yet powerful yogic dance technique for pregnancy and easy childbirth
  • The spiritual aspects of conception and pregnancy
  • Yoga for each trimester and how to alleviate common conditions during pregnancy
  • How to include pregnant students into a regular yoga class
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy
  • Anatomy and physiology specific to pregnancy
  • Labour and Birth
  • The use of props in pregnancy yoga
  • The use of bandhas and mudras in pregnancy
  • The use of breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques
  • Meditation in pregnancy
  • Bonding of the mother, father and child; partner practices
  • Postures for optimal foetal positioning
  • Mother and baby yoga – best practice
  • Yoga and Pilates-based movements for postnatal recovery




Understanding pregnancy and birth


  • Yoga for fertility
  • Psychology and physiology of pregnancy and birth
  • Ayurveda before, during and after pregnancy
  • Acupressure for pre-natal and post-natal care, for mother and baby


Techniques and practice


  • Trimester specific adaptations
  • Sun and moon salutations adapted to pregnancy
  • Asanas and modifications
  • Pilates based movements for postnatal recovery
  • Deep relaxation and stress management
  • Breathing techniques
  • Mudra - how and when to use them
  • Mula bandha
  • Use of sound and mantra
  • Adapted self-massage
  • Yogic dance for easy childbirth
  • Meditation techniques


Teaching methodology


  • Trimester specific lesson plans
  • General sequencing
  • Asana adaptations for common discomforts
  • Guidelines for asanas, modifications, and contraindications
  • Practice teaching class


Anatomy and physiology


  • Anatomy of the womb - the sacred yoni
  • Foetal development
  • Ailments and discomforts of pregnancy
  • Nutrition for pregnancy and beyond
  • Guidelines for optimal foetal positioning


Philosophy and ethics


  • The spiritual aspects of conception and pregnancy
  • The five layers of the mind in pregnancy yoga
  • Yamas and Niyamas during pregnancy


Birth and delivery


  • Medical and holistic models of care
  • Birth choices/empowered birth
  • Stages of labour and yoga for birthing


Postnatal principles and practices


  • Postpartum
  • Postnatal yoga, mother and baby yoga




  • Observation and class appraisals


Recommended reading list


  • "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" by Gaskin, Ina May
  • "Birth And Beyond: The Definitive Guide to Your Pregnancy, Your Birth, Your Family" by Gordon, Yehudi
  • "Spiritual Midwifery and Guide to Childbirth" by Gaskin, Ina May
  • "The Female Pelvis: Anatomy and Exercises" by Blandine Calais-Germain
  • "Birthing from Within" by Pam England
  • "Conscious Birthing" by Theresa Jamieson

About your teacher – Ganga Devi


Ganga has been introduced to yoga in 1988 and has ever since been fascinated by the spiritual, physical and emotional effects of this ancient science. She has taught yoga since 1989 and has been conducting teacher training courses since 2007. Over the years she has taught a variety of yoga styles, always based on a classical school of yoga called Rajadhiraja yoga. Rajadhiraja yoga is the most complete system known today aimed at developing our highest potential physically, mentally and spiritually.

She is a senior yoga instructor of the highest level registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and is the principal teacher of the Himalayan Yoga Institute.

As a yoga therapist she has helped hundreds of people to overcome their emotional, mental and physical problems and illnesses. She is an IAYT certified yoga therapist.

Ganga Devi has been sharing her wealth of knowledge on yoga teacher training courses for many years, guiding yoga students who desire to take the next step and assisting them in becoming well-rounded, competent, knowledgeable, intuitive and confident yoga teachers themselves. She also organises yoga retreat vacations, in beautiful, natural settings, in India, Croatia, France and the UK providing opportunities to regenerate and immerse oneself in the life-transforming practices of yoga and meditation

She has been teaching yoga to pregnant women since 1998 and has helped women overcome infertility by therapeutically applying the practices and techniques of Rajadhiraja yoga.



Train Online in the Comfort of your Home


If you have any questions you may contact us:

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What's included?

  • Yoga Teacher Manual
  • Yoga Teacher Certificate
  • A rare Rajadhiraja yoga learning program
  • All training and classes


         Please note that you will need the following equipment for this course:
         Mats, straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets
         The fee for this course is £499
  • "Before attending this Pregnancy Yoga TTC, I imagined prenatal yoga to be helpful yes, but not as exciting as it turned out to be. Yet, what if those classes were not merely an adaptation to the state of being pregnant, but also a practical guidance into its potential to heighten one’s intuition and bond with the divine nature. I was presented with that kind of approach here. During an amazing week of fun and work, our teacher Ganga gave a new dimension to the prenatal yoga by using an inspired variety of yogic tools - we became acquainted with so much! - for the development of expectant mothers and their babies. Overall, it was great to learn what a rich source and support yoga can be in the process of growing a new life. Ganga created a nurturing and love-brimming circle for the pregnant women and future teachers, and presented a pregnancy yoga which is precious and worth carrying out."

    Tanja Nikolić, Pula, Croatia
  • "I’ve completed a one week course with Ganga Devi in July 2018, and as part of our certification qualification we were asked to observe a class either recorded on video or a live pregnancy yoga class. I can honestly say that having watched each one of the videos numerous times to record every detail, right to the last second of every asana movement, I have come to realise how vastly different Ganga’s teaching is compared to all that I watched. Ganga is disciplined and very precise with her information, providing clear instructions and adjustments. Throughout the week-long course she emphasised and repeatedly ensured that we as future teachers give the correct, consistent and precise message to students. I am privileged to have learnt from Ganga how to conduct a safe, engaging and beneficial pregnancy yoga class for pregnant mothers. I am also very glad to have had to assess the three sample pregnancy classes as part of the assignment. This exercise provided me with an opportunity to compare and contrast. As a consequence of this critical observation, I would safely and most categorically state that Ganga Devi’s pregnancy yoga training far exceeds in its delivery and is professionally conducted from start to end. Ganga Devi also invited a midwife who spent an afternoon with us extending our knowledge of the pelvis and birth canal and confirmed the importance of a separate pregnancy yoga teacher training to help pregnant women. Ganga's pregnancy yoga training is highly recommended for its excellence and professionalism."

    Kala O’Donnell, Northern Ireland
  • "The pregnancy training course was a wonderful addition to Ganga's previous 200 hr training I attended several years ago (or for any other yoga training). For those looking to expand their teachings to students who are pregnant, I highly recommend this course. We were graciously welcomed into Ganga's home, where we lived, cooked and meditated together. Living together, sharing our experiences, being surrounded by strong confident women, was a true blessing to be cherished. After breakfast we took a nice stroll to the course location for our day of training. The venue was beautiful, and we were provided with a delicious homemade Sri Lankan lunch daily. After having two difficult pregnancies of my own, overwhelmed by doctors and hospitals, I was extremely uplifted and motivated by this course, as you are given the tools to guide your students safely through their journey of pregnancy, provide them with useful ways to cope with ailments, and difficulties they may meet before, during and after pregnancy. Most importantly, you learn to bring the Divine into the pregnancy. Unfortunately these days so many pregnant women are treated as "patients" with a "sickness." With the knowledge and advice Ganga brings to this course, you leave feeling that you truly can bring the love, and miracle back into pregnancy. You will be able to create a 'haven' for your students to peacefully connect to their babies, and care for themselves through the many changes of pregnancy. One class was even taught by a local midwife, Emma, who was a pure joy. She gave a wonderful course on anatomy and even, with the kind help of one of our pregnant students, gave us a true hands-on experience on how to find, and locate different parts of the baby inside. The  knowledge gained on this course was immense, and truly a must for anyone looking to expand their education and broaden their teachings."

    Erika Bugakova, Moscow, Russia