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Transforming Your Self Through Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

At any given time, thousands of students from around the world are undergoing training to become yoga teachers. With yoga teacher training courses (YTT) turning more popular than ever before, what exactly is it that attracts so many to strive to become teachers?

Maybe it’s about the interesting journey of self-discovery that we all know yoga to be.

An Ordinary Life

In general, our lives follow a progression aided by informed decision-making. Most of us are taught to work out what we want to be at a young age. Our society encourages us to pay heed to our strengths; to determine the area we excel in, and then stick to a defined path.

With that objective, we proceed with our lives, study hard, and secure a job in a profession of our choice. All this so we can have a steady income and build long-term security.

Once we manage to find our chosen profession, most of us tend to settle for the long haul. Many of us take up permanent residence in the comfort zone. Consequently, our self-identity and worth becomes linked to the things that we feel we’re ‘good’ at.

In the bargain, we lose out on the slew of prospects that we could have benefited from – by challenging ourselves, taking risks, and putting ourselves on the line. Deciding to follow the path of yoga and even become an ambassador of this ancient practice, is exactly such a prospect. Those who choose to follow the calling to spread the practice of yoga are in fact ready to face the risks and jump into the unknown. They take to the path less travelled.

The Yoga Adventure

This less pursued aspect of adventure contributes to the beauty of yoga teacher training. For most, the progression from a yoga-loving practitioner to a confident yoga teacher is a huge personal transformation. It is one that continues to evolve well beyond the end of your yoga teacher training programme.

In the beginning only very few of the students who undertake their training are comfortable with the idea of teaching yoga to a group of complete strangers! Do not forget that yoga involves asana, physical and verbal cues, as well as philosophy. It’s inevitable that doubts will arise in the minds of many during the course.

You will start doubting yourself, and you will definitely realize how little you know about yoga. This is not only normal, but a precious opportunity for self-growth! It’s all part of the journey of becoming a yoga teacher. The beauty for us teachers is to see the tremendous growth, that happens during a teacher training, with those who have come as students and leave as yoga teachers, confident to teach a class and take on the yoga world!

The YTT Experience

A yoga teacher training provides the ideal platform to rise above self-doubt. You will be in the company of experienced teachers and peers who are or have been in the same position. They are the ones who will support you in your journey of self-empowerment and growth.

Realizing our strengths and weaknesses in such a supportive environment, sets us up for a lifetime of personal strength, balance, empathy and compassion towards ourselves and others. Any moment of self-doubt can help us unravel the layers to arrive at true self-awareness. The knowledge that we are much more than the sum total of our parts.

Prepare for Life!

Completing a YTT is not just a qualification – it also provides a greater sense of purpose and balance in our lives. No matter where you are in life, the skills that you learn during your YTT will result in a more adaptable and resilient you, one who is capable of weathering the different challenges of life.






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