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Yoga Teacher - Tarini | Cape Verde

Tarini is a Rajadiraja yoga teacher, and founder of the first school of yoga in the archipelago country of Cape Verde, Africa. With a Masters degree in languages and literature from the University of Padua, Italy, she is fluent in many foreign languages, versed in analysis and writing, and enthusiastic about holistic philosophies. In 2009, she moved with her family to Sal, Cape Verde, where she initially worked as a manager and guest assistant in a hotel, developing further her proficiency in communication, reliability, tutorship and interpersonal relationships. However, after having completed the Yoga Teacher Training Course at the Himalayan Yoga Institute, she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to the instruction of yoga and meditation on Sal Island where she is happy to be of service to both its holidaymakers, as well as its multicultural resident and native communities, organizing yoga retreats and regular classes. In her own words: "For me yoga is most appropriate tool to deal with a myriad of issues and questions that can arise in human life. Once, while in the midst of a Surya Namaskar sequence, a very sudden and intimate question arose in my mind: why am I doing yoga? I knew that for me it was not for the perfection of either body or postures. Why then? Why working out so hard? The answer is simply a feeling of surrender that urges me to move beyond the limitations of my mind. During that time I was training intensely with my teacher, and started realizing that for me yoga was a practice of becoming pliant in relationship to that all-encompassing abundant Love which I was receiving back as a living teaching. In the dynamics of mutual giving and accepting, I was able to assimilate the true yoga in a genuine way. Moreover, that inner critical moment of spontaneous self-enquiry, that challenge, was also a catalyst to transform my life by committing to a thorough system of physical and spiritual practices in a sincere way, making them ever since a part of my day-to-day life."