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Yoga Teacher - Bhaktimaya | Costa Rica

Born and raised in Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, Brooks grew up outdoors climbing mango trees, hand line fishing, life guarding, playing soccer, baseball and surfing. For seven years she represented Costa Rica in surfing championships around the world while earning her bachelor degree from UCR and discovering yoga. After 10 years of disciplined yoga practice, Brooks traveled to the Indian Himalayas to become a Yoga Alliance certified instructor in order to take her personal practice to another level. After concluding her yoga teacher training of Rajadhiraja Yoga from the lineage of ShriiShriiAnandamurti, at the Himalayan Yoga Institute, she was overcome by a need to share her learning with the world and the community she grew up in and began teaching in Costa Rica. In addition to her community work she is still a world class surfer and applies her athletic technical skills to her Yoga teachings. In her own words: "Yoga is for everyone and it makes you feel better about yourself...love at heart, peace at mind, and freedom of the soul. If I can help people feel good and leave class with a smile and internal serenity by connecting with that source of greatness within us all. This to me is the greatest gift of all."