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Yoga Teacher - Lin Tze Ho | France

Lin Tze Ho is a seasoned practitioner of yoga, dedicated to the practice for more than 10 years. She has received her qualification as a yoga teacher with the Himalayan Yoga Institute in Kullu Valley, India and teaches the various aspects of Raja Dhiraja Yoga, including yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation to her students in Paris. Lin Tze Ho is also accredited by the Yoga Alliance International with a 200-hour RYT certification. Lin Tze has 14 years Human Resource experience in the oil and gas industry. Her goal is to build a sustainable business through human resources. Currently she is working as a group HR project manager at the corporate level in an international company in Paris. She also conducts yoga classes at her company and private classes. Her teaching style is humble and compassionate and she loves to share her knowledge and inspiration with her students. She places great emphasis on explaining the benefits of the asanas, the breathing exercises and meditation. In class, she is enthusiastic and attentive and likes to encourage students to work to the best of their ability while respecting their limitations and applying newly learned skills in their daily life. Lin Tze believes in living life to the fullest. Besides yoga and meditation she loves swimming, diving, cycling, jogging and playing tennis to keep fit and positive. She is also an avid photographer, loves cooking delicious oriental meals, reads inspirational books and listens to uplifting music. In her own words: "After more than 10 years of yoga practice, the desire to share my love for yoga has led me to the yoga teacher training course in the Himalayas, India. Yoga is a lifelong journey, gradually guiding us toward wisdom and balance. An extremely profound discovery for me was that yoga is a spiritual path to self-realization. The practice helps us to become aware of our own negative thoughts and tendencies, to take responsibility for them, to learn the lessons they are here to teach us and to consciously work with them. Eventually you begin to realize that it is possible to liberate the energy tied up in negative preoccupations and to direct it towards a positive goal. As you engage in this process you can achieve a high degree of balance, tolerance and self-acceptance. It changes the way you see yourself and people. And you share this beautiful journey with others and bring enlightenment to their lives too."