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You will need a valid Tourist Visa to enter India. To obtain this you will need to contact your local Indian High Commission, fill in the application form, which is usually available to download online, and take it to them or send it in along with the required fee. This can take up to 10 business days (i.e. two weeks) and your Visa is activated from the day you get it rather than upon entry into the country.

When stating your purpose on your Visa form it is best to say Tourism. Normally a tourist visa is given for 90 – 180 days, but please check the Visa regulations in the Indian Consulate of your country. Your passport has to be valid for at least another six months.

For those residing in the UK: Application for a Visa should be given minimum 2 weeks before planned flight. From the UK, enquire via The India Visa Application Centre, which is officially authorised by the High Commission of India, London to accept applications for Tourist Visas.

Check out their website:

There are a number of companies on the internet, who organise visas directly with the Indian Visa Centre.

Remember that the visa is valid from the date of ISSUE, not the date of ARRIVAL!

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By Flight

If you are travelling from London, you can find inexpensive flights to Chennai and New Delhi via the Ebookers website ( We also recommend Skyscanner ( are reliable ticket providers and offer a good variety of prices and flight options.

The best way to travel is to take a direct international flight to Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. If you arrive by 12PM you can be part of our pick up, which we will organize from Chennai to Pondicherry. If your plane arrival doesn’t coincide with our pick up time we may be able to arrange for an individual pick which will cost between £25 and £30. Please inform us well in advance so we can arrange for this option.

It is a 2 and a half hours drive to the venue and the driver will stop for about 1 hour in Mahabalipuram for sightseeing, so your arrival at the venue will be around 4PM.

In case you are arriving a day prior to the arrival day, you can stay one night in Chennai and we will recommend a guesthouse where you can spend the night.

The other option is to fly to Delhi and then take a domestic flight from Delhi to Chennai. You will have to get to the domestic airport from the international Indira Gandhi Airport, which is easy as both airports are next to each other. You can book your internal flight via cleartrip (

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If you are already in the South India, please let us know well in advance. The meeting place will be the Chennai International airport or Lakshmi Nest.

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We request that you get a travel insurance and please make sure that you have an international medical insurance in case of an emergency. We will not be able to take any responsibility or cover any costs for medical treatment.

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  • You would want to arrive on the first day of the course by 12 noon at Chennai airport, and depart on the last date in the evening.
  • When you arrive you will have a chance to relax, unwind and recuperate from your travel. In the evening you’ll get to meet others on the training over dinner and your yoga trainings' programme will start the following morning.
  • We will organize a group transfer from the airport in Chennai on the arrival day at about 12.00 noon. In case you are arriving later on that day you would have to make your way to the yoga house on your own, however we can help with contact details of a taxi company we use.