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    The system is called Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound). It is a path of exploration of consciousness through sounds. The aim of the advanced state of Nada Yoga is to purify and harmonize the gross and subtle fields of body energy and bring them in alignment with their natural vibration. It is the opening of a door on the level of highest awareness when consciousness becomes conscious of itself. It is from that state that the transformation and healing begin in a most natural way. All our experiences of love, joy, peace, health and happiness are orchestrated by consciousness from that field of unified state, the state of Yoga, and are our birthright to enjoy. Read More...
  • The Colour Science of Ayurveda

    The colours relate to certain days of the week and astrological planets. A person should wear clothes of appropriate color for each day of the week, in order to absorb the planetary energy in the light in a positive way. Read More...
  • The Hidden Benefits of Yoga Asanas

    Asanas are powerful in that they work on the entire physic-psycho-spiritual system by assisting in creating an extremely subtle body and mind, the basis of spiritual elevation. Read More...
  • The Seven Chakras - Vortexes of Power

    It is fascinating that each chakra determines our relationship to the world of matter, emotion and spirit, yet the seven chakras are also the energy vortexes of psychic propensities or tendencies, as for example, fear, hatred, lethargy, shyness, effort, pride, jealousy, etc. Yoga teaches the exact location of each psychic propensity and how we can free the mind from troublesome psychic propensities to find peace and tranquillity – the requirement for meditation. Read More...
  • Listen To Your Calling - Yoga Teacher Training

    A Journey Into Excellence
    Meet Paula, a.k.a. Parvati, a young woman who decided to listen to her calling and make yoga teaching her life's career.
    Parvati is a Sanskrit name and means 'The Universal Mother and Great Goddess' and that's true for Paula who is moving into her greatness both personally and as someone who shares the [...]

  • The Devil is in the Detail

    Go Ahead Roll Your Eyes!
    It is said that the devil is in the detail – and it’s true. It is those little things, the ones you think they barely matter that can make a huge impact and a huge difference in the effect they have on your body and mind.
    Here is one such detail which [...]

  • At the core of true freedom & success – is to know reality.

    At the core of true freedom and success – is to know reality.
    “We accept the reality of the world with which we're presented. It's as simple as that.” Christof (The Truman Show, 1998)
    If someone would offer you to be Truman, if you get the chance to be plugged into a world in which you would [...]

  • Changing Lives With Yoga

    An Inner Revolution
    Becoming a yoga teacher can be such a life-transforming experience, it can literally cause an inner revolution. Yoga has changed many lives and will change many more in the future. In fact, we believe that it will change the world one person at a time.
    Practicing yoga allows you to achieve a new level [...]

  • Are You Ready To Become A Yoga Teacher?

    It's a question you may have been asking for a while.
    You are not sure whether you are ready for a career as a yoga teacher. Is your yoga practice ‘advanced’ enough? Do you have what it takes to be a teacher?
    The answer may surprise you: you actually don’t have to be a master level practitioner [...]

  • What's the secret to the yogi's radiant skin?

    Today I am going to share with you an amazing, little known exercize which you can do after your home yoga practice. How to maintain healthy and glowing skin has always been a hot topic and has become even more so in today’s world where our skin is increasingly exposed to free radicals due to [...]


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