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July 5, 2016

The Transformational Power of Mantra

We’ve all experienced the sensation of being moved by powerful music. Maybe a certain sad song always makes your eyes fill with tears, a piece of classical music makes your spine tingle, or a bright, happy song forces you to dance. These experiences give you just a taste of the powerful effect mantra and mantra chanting can have on your life. Whereas a song can transform your mood, mantra chanting can transform your very existence. What is mantra? Mantra, simply defined, is a sacred Sanskrit syllable or phrase which is repeated to powerful effect. While mantras are used in many spiritual traditions, they originated in the Tantric lore and ancient scriptures known as Vedas. They are used up to this day in India. The source of all mantras (known as the pranava mantra) is Aum (or Om). This root syllable represents the fundamental unity of existence and symbolizes four states […]
June 21, 2016
Yoga Teacher Training

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Choosing the Location of Your Yoga Teacher Training

First you decide to take the life-changing plunge to become a yoga teacher. Next, you must find the yoga teacher training program that’s right for you. This is no small task. One big consideration is where the training will take place. The location you choose has the power to shape your experience. Check in with yourself and ask some key questions: During my training, do I want to wake up in my own bed every morning? Or am I hankering for a physical journey as well as a spiritual one? Is your favorite studio with your favorite teacher offering a training that’s only a mile or two from home? Or do you long to experience life in an ashram with a view of the majestic Himalayas? Or beautiful South India? For some, circumstances dictate that you must stick close to home and perhaps stretch out your training over a period […]
April 15, 2016

9 Ways to Spiritually Prepare Yourself for Life as a Yoga Teacher

When people come to a yoga class, on some level they know it is not the same as taking a Crossfit or circuit training class. Even a new or casual student has an intuition that yoga is something deeper. Yoga is not an exercise regimen. The eight limbs of yoga provide a spiritual way of life designed to unite us with the whole of existence. There is a tendency in the West to focus on only one limb of yoga, the asanas, or postures. While there are undoubtedly benefits to engaging with yoga on even one level, as a teacher, you want to authentically embrace the entire spiritual system if you wish to serve as an example for your students. When you set out to teach, you are committing to living a yogic lifestyle. You will live yoga and pass it onto others. We offer these nine foundational steps to […]
March 15, 2016

9 Benefits of Meditation Backed by Science

Science is Catching up With Thousands of Years of Meditation Wisdom It’s believed that meditation has been around for 5,000 years, originating in India. According to the latest research and oral history, the yogic tradition of meditation can be traced back to Shiva, a great spiritual master who systematized both yoga and tantra about 7000 years ago. Around 400-100 B.C.E. Patanjali documented some of those teachings in the Yoga Sutras. Millions of people have felt the many benefits of a regular meditation practice in one of its many forms (mindfulness awareness, transcendental, vipassana, yogic, and others). While scholars in the West first learned of ancient meditation teachings in the 18th century, it wasn’t until the 1960s and 70s that the practice of meditation became more popular with westerners. Today, for many people meditation has become decoupled from its roots in the religious traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, allowing it to […]
February 18, 2016

12 Ways to Prepare for Your Yoga Teacher Training

You are an interesting anomaly in the modern world. By becoming a yoga instructor, you are choosing a career path that will help you enrich the lives of others as well your own. And you are proving yourself to be willing to do the hard work necessary to make it happen. As your yoga teacher training approaches, how do you prepare yourself — physically, spiritually and plain old logistically — for an experience that will be demanding on so many levels? We offer twelve pieces of advice, from the practical to the spiritual, to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for what promises to be one of the most transformative and intense experiences of your life. Practical considerations Whether you choose an intensive teacher training in a locale far from home, or a nearby program that spreads lessons out over the course of six months to a year, there are a number of […]
February 2, 2016


The system is called Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound). It is a path of exploration of consciousness through sounds. The aim of the advanced state of Nada Yoga is to purify and harmonize the gross and subtle fields of body energy and bring them in alignment with their natural vibration. It is the opening of a door on the level of highest awareness when consciousness becomes conscious of itself. It is from that state that the transformation and healing begin in a most natural way. All our experiences of love, joy, peace, health and happiness are orchestrated by consciousness from that field of unified state, the state of Yoga, and are our birthright to enjoy.
September 10, 2015

The Colour Science of Ayurveda

The colours relate to certain days of the week and astrological planets. A person should wear clothes of appropriate color for each day of the week, in order to absorb the planetary energy in the light in a positive way.
August 3, 2015

The Hidden Benefits of Yoga Asanas

Asanas are powerful in that they work on the entire physic-psycho-spiritual system by assisting in creating an extremely subtle body and mind, the basis of spiritual elevation.