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  • The Biggest Misconception About Yoga (Styles)

    The Most Common Misconception About Yoga Styles
    It's easy to get confused about the many yoga styles offered in the world today which can make it quite difficult to choose a teacher training course.
    The biggest misconception about them though is the belief that any one style is authentic yoga. It is not.
    Yoga styles are a rather [...]

  • Marvellous South India - Our New Ashram Site

    Visiting a model community in India
    Last year in autumn we went to visit Auroville in South India spending a few days in this fabulous community which inhabits people from more than 70 nations who have come to live here and build a model society. Auroville is an experiment and is based on the principle of [...]

  • 5 Essential Traits of A Yoga Teacher - Yoga Teacher Training in Himalayas

    Good teachers will have the technical know-how, whereas great teachers won't settle but will build on technical skills by infusing them with their soul and heart. So, what exactly is it that establishes the difference? Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint or put into words. Yet, the qualities and energy that go into the craft of conducting a great class which will not only exercise the students' bodies and calm their minds but also cause a lasting positive transformation on a deeper spiritual level are distinguishable and recognizable. Read More...
  • Our Future Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Yoga Retreats in South India

    Acquisition of a new site
    We are very happy to announce that we have now acquired a piece of land for our new ashram and healing centre in South India. It even has a huge beautiful banyan tree, which in India is the symbol of immortality. It's located about 2 km from the beach, near the [...]

  • 20 Ways to Re-Use Your Old Yoga Mats

    The possibilities for recycling your worn out yoga mat are limited only by your imagination – don’t throw it away, do something useful with it!

    1) Donate to homeless shelters for extra padding to sleep on
    2) Donate your old mat to an animal rescue centre such as RSPCA. Most of these places need soft, durable mats, rugs, towels [...]

  • Learn to Teach Yoga with Meditation Retreats

    The yoga teacher training that we offer provides high level technical skill and cutting edge anatomical education, while at the same time offering a profound, life changing and transformative experience.  The courses and meditation retreats take place in two idyllic resort locations, ensuring maximum peace and tranquillity and allowing you to focus on learning.
    Our approach [...]

  • Choosing the Perfect Yoga Retreat for Your Yoga Teacher Training

    There are many benefits in undertaking additional yoga training, and these are not necessarily all related to the end result of becoming a teacher. Many of our trainees are interested foremost in the deepening of their own practice through a yoga retreat, and in doing so, learning about the many aspects of yoga, gaining a [...]

  • Discover Self - Improvement through Yoga

    Yoga has been taught for thousands of years as a powerful tool for self-improvement allowing people to achieve inner peace, prosperity and happiness.
    Today many people come to yoga desiring to improve their physical well-being. Yoga Lessons offers many physical benefits, but the emotional and spiritual benefits are less well known.
    For regular yoga practitioners, the additional benefits are [...]

  • Yoga Retreats that will Help Transform Your Life

    Although yoga can, and should ideally be practised on a regular basis, a great way to accelerate your learning and achieve rapid transformation in your practices is to attend a yoga retreat. Our yoga retreats can be enjoyed by anyone, and no previous experience of yoga is required.
    When you remove yourself from the stresses and [...]

  • Investing in your personal development plan

    A new retreat that we have recently devised is a powerful 6 day retreat, which is designed to help people from various backgrounds master the latest, proven, science based system for inner peace, life achievement and personal and professional success. This is a truly unique course, as it combines personal development plan sessions, based on the latest scientific research into neuroscience and brain function, with daily participation in deep relaxation exercises like sensory awareness practice and yoga asanas, as well as relaxation and visualisation practices. These practices provide the fertile ground upon which the personal development plan can take place, completely free from the distractions of daily life. There are a lot of reasons why a person might benefit from going to a personal development retreat: Read More...

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