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July 20, 2015

The Seven Chakras – Vortexes of Power

It is fascinating that each chakra determines our relationship to the world of matter, emotion and spirit, yet the seven chakras are also the energy vortexes of psychic propensities or tendencies, as for example, fear, hatred, lethargy, shyness, effort, pride, jealousy, etc. Yoga teaches the exact location of each psychic propensity and how we can free the mind from troublesome psychic propensities to find peace and tranquillity – the requirement for meditation.
July 14, 2015

Listen To Your Calling – Yoga Teacher Training

A Journey Into Excellence Meet Paula, a.k.a. Parvati, a young woman who decided to listen to her calling and make yoga teaching her life’s career. Parvati is a Sanskrit name and means ‘The Universal Mother and Great Goddess’ and that’s true for Paula who is moving into her greatness both personally and as someone who shares the profound teachings of yoga with others. She has completed her yoga teacher training course with the Himalayan Yoga Institute in April 2014 and has been teaching yoga in London ever since. Embarking on the yoga journey at the tender age of 14, she shares her beginnings, her courageous decision to travel to India at the age of only 18 and to make yoga the central focus of her life. How It All Began When I was 13 I had an amazing teacher at school. She taught us world religion and was one of […]
May 23, 2015

The Devil is in the Detail

Go Ahead Roll Your Eyes! It is said that the devil is in the detail – and it’s true. It is those little things, the ones you think they barely matter that can make a huge impact and a huge difference in the effect they have on your body and mind. Here is one such detail which is largely misunderstood in yoga circles. However these details are given great importance in the Rajadhiraja system of performing asanas. Rolling eyes up towards the sky Rolling your eyes upward as much as possible in certain yoga postures, for example in the Cobra, the Bow and the Upward Facing Dog – they lend themselves particularly well to this little eye exercise – has a deeply beneficial physiological and psychological effect. It’s not about getting lost somewhere up there – it’s about exercising your eye muscles AND producing a far reaching psychological effect to […]
December 21, 2014

At the core of true freedom & success – is to know reality.

At the core of true freedom and success – is to know reality. “We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented. It’s as simple as that.” Christof (The Truman Show, 1998) If someone would offer you to be Truman, if you get the chance to be plugged into a world in which you would experience a pleasant, wonderful dream-life. Would you accept? You would be rich and famous, live a happy dream life, without sorrow or pain, have wonderful relationships with dream figures, experience great things and a great dream life. And that dream world would be your reality, your life, your everything. But, you would not know that it’s a dream, an illusion pulled over your eyes – until you die. You could never get out again. Never. Would you accept that offer? Why not? Think about that. You want to live a real life. You […]
December 17, 2014

Changing Lives With Yoga

An Inner Revolution Becoming a yoga teacher can be such a life-transforming experience, it can literally cause an inner revolution. Yoga has changed many lives and will change many more in the future. In fact, we believe that it will change the world one person at a time. Practicing yoga allows you to achieve a new level of health and vitality but even more importantly it will help you get in touch with your life purpose and with who you truly are. Today, Tarini, one of our graduates who lives on the charming isle of Sal off the African coast shares her journey of discovering yoga, becoming a yoga teacher and how that has changed her life in the most inspiring way. We invite you to read her amazing story: A Dream that Changed My Life My interest in yoga was suddenly awakened after a stunning dream I had one […]
November 20, 2014
Yoga Teacher

Are You Ready To Become A Yoga Teacher?

It’s a question you may have been asking for a while. You are not sure whether you are ready for a career as a yoga teacher. Is your yoga practice ‘advanced’ enough? Do you have what it takes to be a teacher? The answer may surprise you: you actually don’t have to be a master level practitioner to become a yoga teacher. The most important quality required for teaching is your love and passion for yoga.Don’t doubt your own abilities. Why not you? You can always expand your abilities as you go. Find peace in your calling. Release yourself from the 9-5 mentality and begin savouring a life built on the power of yoga. About a month ago our autumn 200h Yoga Teacher Training programme in Kullu Valley, India, came to a close. Powerful yoga teachers were created and lives were changed. It was an amazing experience for everyone. But […]
September 4, 2014

What’s the secret to the yogi’s radiant skin?

Written by Ganga Devi Today I am going to share with you an amazing, little known exercize which you can do after your home yoga practice. How to maintain healthy and glowing skin has always been a hot topic and has become even more so in today’s world where our skin is increasingly exposed to free radicals due to heavy pollution, processed foods and sedentary lifestyles. Among the many practices of yoga, the one presented here is taught on our yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats. Today I discuss the benefits and science of this tool but watch out for our future newsletters, where I will provide you with a complete step-by-step description on how to practice this massage. Busting the ‘Sweat = Detox’ Myth Have you noticed that people who regularly practice yoga and meditation often have a radiance about them which is quite unique and compelling? Glowing skin […]
August 8, 2014

The Biggest Misconception About Yoga (Styles)

Written by Ganga Devi The Most Common Misconception About Yoga Styles It’s easy to get confused about the many yoga styles offered in the world today which can make it quite difficult to choose a teacher training course. The biggest misconception about them though is the belief that any one style is authentic yoga. It is not. Yoga styles are a rather modern invention and didn’t exist some 50 years ago. In traditional yoga we only ever had lineages and schools of yoga, so a student or disciple would approach a teacher to learn from him/her and stick to that teacher for the rest of his/her life. It was a highly individualized approach in which a teacher would tailor the practices according to the student’s needs and abilities. Sometimes the teacher would refuse to accept a student and if the student was persistent s/he would have to undergo a series of […]