November 16, 2016

Self Massage in Rajadhiraja Yoga

Place your fingertips above the upper lip, stiffen the muscles of your lips and slide your index fingers over the area underneath your nose to the sides of your mouth and then around the bottom of your mouth (below the lower lip).
September 4, 2014

What’s the secret to the yogi’s radiant skin?

Written by Ganga Devi Today I am going to share with you an amazing, little known exercize which you can do after your home yoga practice. How to maintain healthy and glowing skin has always been a hot topic and has become even more so in today’s world where our skin is increasingly exposed to free radicals due to heavy pollution, processed foods and sedentary lifestyles. Among the many practices of yoga, the one presented here is taught on our yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats. Today I discuss the benefits and science of this tool but watch out for our future newsletters, where I will provide you with a complete step-by-step description on how to practice this massage. Busting the ‘Sweat = Detox’ Myth Have you noticed that people who regularly practice yoga and meditation often have a radiance about them which is quite unique and compelling? Glowing skin […]