April 15, 2016

9 Ways to Spiritually Prepare Yourself for Life as a Yoga Teacher

When people come to a yoga class, on some level they know it is not the same as taking a Crossfit or circuit training class. Even a new or casual student has an intuition that yoga is something deeper. Yoga is not an exercise regimen. The eight limbs of yoga provide a spiritual way of life designed to unite us with the whole of existence. There is a tendency in the West to focus on only one limb of yoga, the asanas, or postures. While there are undoubtedly benefits to engaging with yoga on even one level, as a teacher, you want to authentically embrace the entire spiritual system if you wish to serve as an example for your students. When you set out to teach, you are committing to living a yogic lifestyle. You will live yoga and pass it onto others. We offer these nine foundational steps to […]