Morning Yoga

January 30, 2019

Yoga in the Morning – The Perfect Start to the Day!

Yoga is growing in popularity across the world as never before. This can be attributed to the ease and flexibility that yoga provides, and the multiple benefits it brings to its practitioners. No wonder that many yogis and yoga teachers are enrolling in advanced Yoga Instructor Certification courses to teach at yoga studios and a variety of recreational centres that offer yoga classes. If you indulge in some form of focused physical activity in the morning – be it yoga or something else – you’re more apt to continue in a healthy vein all day long. If you cultivate it as a daily habit, you will soon notice many changes in body, mind, emotions and your life in general. And what better choice than smooth and invigorating yoga poses that can help you fully wake up, stimulate the body’s blood flow, balance the hormonal system and kick start the daily […]