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August 31, 2018
Yoga Nidra

How A Bit Of Sleep Can Improve Your Overall Yoga Experience

Yoga works to not only build strength, flexibility and focus, but also brings a deep sense of calm to the body and mind. A yoga teacher training offers the opportunity to rejuvenate your mind while also adding vigour to your body. It is recommended to close your daily yoga session with a stint of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). A valuable addition to any yoga training session, it helps you become aware of the different parts of your body while relaxing them. While a yoga session results in increased energy levels in the body, Yoga Nidra helps to consolidate and conserve this energy. This serves to relax the entire body, preparing it for meditation. Performing Yoga Nidra Lie on your back in corpse pose (Shavasana). Relax, close your eyes and draw in a few deep breaths and exhale. Make sure that your breathing is slow and relaxed. Focus your attention on […]
August 17, 2018
Lord of dance

Transforming Your Self Through Yoga Teacher Training

At any given time, thousands of students from around the world are undergoing training to become yoga teachers. With yoga teacher training courses (YTT) turning more popular than ever before, what exactly is it that attracts so many to strive to become teachers? Maybe it’s about the interesting journey of self-discovery that we all know yoga to be. An Ordinary Life In general, our lives follow a progression aided by informed decision-making. Most of us are taught to work out what we want to be at a young age. Our society encourages us to pay heed to our strengths; to determine the area we excel in, and then stick to a defined path. With that objective, we proceed with our lives, study hard, and secure a job in a profession of our choice. All this so we can have a steady income and build long-term security. Once we manage to […]
August 7, 2018

How To Prepare For The Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Despite the numerous articles and online reviews about yoga, many potential students are still confused about how to prepare themselves for a yoga teacher training. Many still don’t know what to expect. Many wish that they had more guidance to prepare themselves for the 4 weeks of “intensive and advanced” teacher training that leads up to the 300h yoga certification. The most impassioned yogis wish to advance their knowledge of yoga and evolve further and develop expertise as a yoga instructor. The ideal next step in this journey is the 300 hour yoga teacher training – the perfect regimen that empowers you to evolve and grow as a highly knowledgeable and skilled yogi. However in order to become a well—qualified yoga practitioner and instructor, one needs to prepare oneself – not just in the rigours of practice and philosophy, but also in attitude and mindset. Based on our experience, we […]
June 23, 2018

How To Celebrate The International Yoga Day

Meditation is a wonderful way to make contact with the soul. It cultivates the mind and refines it gently and with love. Just as our body needs care, so too our soul requires attention, care and mindfulness. Only you decide whether to listen to your soul in order to lovingly and consistently integrate it into your being. For this, constant mental hygiene, which can also be called "soul care", is of great importance. Meditation is an invaluable tool of mental hygiene and prepares the pathway to our soul. Singing also lifts the mind and connects us with soul, especially devotional singing and kirtan.
April 15, 2016

9 Ways to Spiritually Prepare Yourself for Life as a Yoga Teacher

When people come to a yoga class, on some level they know it is not the same as taking a Crossfit or circuit training class. Even a new or casual student has an intuition that yoga is something deeper. Yoga is not an exercise regimen. The eight limbs of yoga provide a spiritual way of life designed to unite us with the whole of existence. There is a tendency in the West to focus on only one limb of yoga, the asanas, or postures. While there are undoubtedly benefits to engaging with yoga on even one level, as a teacher, you want to authentically embrace the entire spiritual system if you wish to serve as an example for your students. When you set out to teach, you are committing to living a yogic lifestyle. You will live yoga and pass it onto others. We offer these nine foundational steps to […]